progressive jackpot slots

If you like playing from a range of online casino games list, you will probably know a lot about progressive jackpot slots. They are determined and presented to you by the random number generator (RNG), which doesn’t have a memory, but rather uses random numbers to show you the line of jackpot slots. All types of slots, including progressive jackpot slots, use this technology and all UK online casinos rely on this technology to win.

Progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpot slots can be numbers or more popular, video slots you can see in every online casino game ever played. They look the similar to ordinary video slots, but there is one major difference. Conventional slots will give you the amount of money, or better-said jackpot which is pre-determined by the casino or a new online casino. In other words, a player won’t be able to affect the jackpot value.

On the other hand, progressive jackpot slots are capable of acquiring a fraction of the bet and adding it to the jackpot value. As a player, you can win a much bigger jackpot. What’s even more important is the fact that these jackpot slots are interlinked between the online slot machines. Thus, significantly increasing the overall value of the jackpot.

Of course, once the jackpot drops, the slot machine will reset the value to the initial amount and is the same for all types of slot machines. There are also bingo jackpots if you prefer bingo over slots.

Types of Progressive Slots

Yes, we all know that progressive jackpot slots do come in a variety of sizes, features, colors, and designs, but there are four main types of the progressive slots. They are very different, and those differences are very easy to notice.

  • Standalone Progressive Slots- As the name suggests this is a separate or individual type of a slot machine not linked to other slot machines. That’s why the jackpot value is usually lower than some other types have to offer. But, the main difference is in the slot meter which is obvious and the most known difference among all types of progressive jackpot slots.
  • In-House Progressive Slots- This type is more popular among advanced players due to the fact it means that more slot machines are linked together. They may physically located in the same casino or different ones. The jackpot value is higher than standalone slots.
  • Random Progressive Slots- These slots are rare, and different games use them, but each one is randomly chosen, so there is no similarity, or they cannot be generalized.
  • Wide Area Progressive Slots- These slots offer the highest value, due to the fact they are interlinked with numerous slot machines from many, different casinos or online casino-based websites. Mega Moolah is an example of this type of progressive slot.

As you can see, each type of progressive jackpot slots is beneficial in its way, and it comes with plenty of advantages and disadvantages. Of course, all of them are popular and used today.


Progressive jackpot slots are the most desirable type of jackpot slots, and they are used in millions of casinos all over the world and even in online gaming. They are the most desirable for the players as well, so we can see an increase in their popularity over the next years.

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