With plenty of casino games out there, Bingo is still a very popular kind of casino game played in UK, US, and many other countries. There are many reasons, like the pace of the game, high chances of winning, highly entertaining and easy to play that have contributed to the fame and popularity of bingo in the online casino industry. Like every other game, Bingo also has different versions that have evolved over the time in different parts of the world because of different preferences of players. One of the most popular versions of bingo is the 90 ball bingo which is played widely in the UK. Majorly, there are four different variations of the game namely 30 ball bingo, 75 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Out of the existing four popular versions, 90 ball bingo is the most popular one.

Over a series of blog posts we will talk you through how to play bingo in all its variations, how to win real money and even how to play bingo for free

How to Play 90 Ball Bingo

To play 90 ball bingo, you have to buy the numbered tickets. In 90 ball bingo, numbered tickets have 3×9 charts of numbers. Each line having nine boxes in total have numbers in five boxes and the remaining four boxes are empty. The numbers are called out by a caller in the game and if the number appears in your list, you strike it off or ‘daub’ them. There are total three winners in the game. The first position is bagged by players who cover 1 line pattern, and the second position winning covers two line patterns. The person who gets the Full house is the one who covers all the numbers on the numbered ticket.

90 Ball Bingo Cards

We have already mentioned above that 90 ball bingo cards has a 3 by 9 pattern. Each line has five numbers and four empty boxes. Lines in the ticket are organized in the following pattern:
• 1st Column contains 1-9 numbers
• 2nd Column contains 10-19 numbers
• 3rd Column contains 20-29 numbers
• 4th Column contains 30-39 numbers
• 5th Column contains 40-49 numbers
• 6th Column contains 50-59 numbers
• 7th Column contains 60-69 numbers
• 8th Column contains 70-79 numbers
• 9th Column contains 80-89 numbers

The game is played with 6 tickets and numbers from 1 to 90 are spread across the six strips with no repeating number.

90 Bingo Bingo Caller

The bingo caller plays an important role in the game of 90 ball bingo. He calls out numbers that are generated by the bingo software. The numbers range from 1 to 90, and each number is generated only once. The same number cannot be repeated in the game.

How to win at 90 ball bingo

There are three types of winning variations in the game of 90 ball bingo:
1. Any 1 Line: This pattern involves covering or striking all the numbers in one single row.
2. Any 2 Lines: This pattern is considered done when you strike all the numbers in any two of the three rows.
3. Full House: Full House is won when all the fifteen numbers on the ticket are covered.
It is also possible for a player to bag all the prizes, i.e. first row, second row and the full house which will amount to a decent winning amount.

90 ball bingo is an interesting game with ample of opportunities to win amazing prizes. The payouts and progressive jackpots are decided as per the cost of the ticket and how many players participate in the game.

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