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The Ray Bray family would most sincerely like to thank each and every one of you for a most wonderful and uplifting celebration of our dad's life on Saturday, July 8. We all had such a wonderful time reflecting upon our dad's life and getting to spend some time with you. We appreciate so much your kind and wonderful stories of how Ray touched your lives, and we are ever so comforted by your warmth, wishes, and prayers.

Thanks in particular to those who so wonderfully and publicly shared your stories and testimonial about or father at his memorial services:

Dale Bowman
Pete Carolan
John Chae
Tom Delong
Mike Eich
Pastor Mike Garrity
Pastor Hartley Lee
Jem McAdams
Mike Olsberg
Bill Richardson
Dave Simcox

We are so grateful to all of you worked so hard and gave so much to make this a truly joyous and wonderful day for the whole bray family.

Additional Information:

  • Contact the Bray Family at .
  • Additional Information about Ray and his memorial services can be found at www.ebray.net/raybray
 News & Notes

Ray Bray Memorial Guestbook - 6/18/2006
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Mike's Eulogy for Ray - 7/20/2006
View the flash version of Mike's eulogy for his father. This presentation was originally delivered at the July 8th memorial service held at First Christian Church in Huntington Beach.

Press Release Archive - 6/18/2006
You are invited to read more about our dad's phenomenal life and accomplishments in the Press section of his retirement web site. Here you will be able to view news clippings chronicling Ray's athletic and coaching accomplishments throughout his long career.

Memorial Services for Ray Bray - 7/17/2006
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Fountain Valley High School
Pays Tribute
- 6/18/2006
Review some of our dad's career at Fountain Valley High School on their wonderful memorial web page.
Ray's Favorite Charities - 7/17/2006
In lieu of flowers, the Bray family requests donations be sent to these charities or a charitable organization of your choice.
More Info - 6/18/2006
Find more information about Ray and memorial arrangements here...

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