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Welcome to eBray.net.

Those of you who are new to my site are probably looking around and saying "Why the heck would anyone frequent this place anyway?!?" The answer is MARS. As a Macromedia Authorware developer, I began developing Mike's Authorware Resource Site (MARS) sometime in 1996 in response to my participation in the AWARE Listserv (Authorware discussion forum).

For Authorware developers and students my web site offers resources for Authorware developers, including an ever-expanding library of downloadable Authorware examples and sample code developed in response to direct requests and questions from other Authorware developers.

I have been developing with Authorware since 1994 specializing in computer based training (CBT) and advanced computer managed instruction (CMI) systems. I find, however, that Authorware's features are also outstandingly suited for a whole host of other data and process applications. It's a development platform that is truly limited only by your imagination and tenacity - and I've got plenty of both.

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 News & Notes
Ray Bray Memorial Web Site
The memorial web site for my dad can still be found here. Thanks from our entire family to all who have sent their condolences and shared their stories and memories of my dad.
Broken Toe Diaries
Growing in popularity! It's about the dumbest thing on my web site, but feast your eyes and wanderlust on the Broken Toe Diaries...
Coach Ray Bray Website
Fountain Valley High School teacher and head aquatics coach, Ray Bray retired in 2003. Friends and family celebrated Coach Bray's long and successful career. Click here for news articles, pictures, and more.
Chat It Up, Death Valley Style!
Come on over and chat it up at Death-Valley.net -- the best in the west!
NoKarma4U! Radio
A little bit of this... a little bit of that. Listen in and send your requests to NoKarma4U! Radio.


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