Death Valley National Park
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Day Trip Guide

I've spent over 30 years exploring the Death Valley region, and am continuously discovering new things and new areas to visit. My "things to do and see" list grows as rapidly as I can cross items off.

If you are planning a lengthy stay at Death Valley, then there are many resources available to help you research and plan your visit. But many people who visit Death Valley do so because they are "in the area" (read " Las Vegas") or are passing through or nearby Death Valley on their way from one place to another. Commonly such visitors will ask something like the following:

"I am going to be in Death Valley for 1 day [or 2 days, or 3 days...] and I was wondering what to see or where to stay?"

This web page is dedicated to giving some suggestions (and they are only suggestions) to those of you who may not have the opportunity to spend the time it takes to begin to explore all that Death Valley has to offer.

Click on the links in the right column for suggestions on 1, 2, and 3-day trips to Death Valley. When planning your day, use these suggested guides in conjunction with the materials you will receive from the National Park Service when you pay your entrance fees to the park (these materials can be obtained for free at the Visitors Center at Furnace Creek, or at the entrance station on Scotty's Castle Road near Scotty's Castle).

Death Valley Primer - Death Valley facts and information at a glance.

Day Trip Guide - Only have a day or two to visit the largest National Park in these 48 contiguous states? These quick trip suggestions might help you make the most out of your brief glimpse of Death Valley.

Day Trip 1
Day Trip 2
Day Trip 3

Death Valley Safety - Don't lose your cool or your life when visiting Death Valley. Here are some safety tips and reminders to help you plan a safe visit to Death Valley National Park.