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Welcome to MARS!
Models I've built to ease authoring discomforts and links to invaluable software.
Links to goodies, resources, and other Authorware-related web sites.
Several examples of code and sample Authorware (A4W) files for you to download and dissect.

To all who come to this happy place... welcome.

Mike's Authorware Resource Site was first developed in 1995 using a little bit of that "free web space" that you used to get with your CompuServe account. Over the years I've used this site as a clearning house for collaborating with fellow Authorware developers (especially those found on the AWARE Listerv).

Please feel free to look around. Hopefully you'll find something useful. Many of the samples and examples that you'll find here were built in woefully old versions of Authorware, but I continually try to update this site little-by-little.

Warmest Regards,

   Mike Bray

©Copyright 2005, Michael R. Bray
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